Keeping Jersey City Safe

Tell Mayor Fulop to stop putting politics over public safety.

The off-duty jobs program makes Jersey City safer. Mayor Fulop canceled it.

The off-duty police jobs program put off-duty police in places like malls and construction sites all over Jersey City, creating an additional police presence in our community.


Here are the facts about the off-duty jobs program:

  • The off-duty jobs program needed to be reformed and improved.

  • The Jersey City Police Officers Benevolent Association and the Jersey City Superior Officers Association approached Mayor Fulop with a proposal to root out abuse and improve oversight of the program, including bringing in a retired judge to supervise the program.

  • Instead of working with the JCPOBA and JCPSOA, Mayor Fulop chose to unilaterally cancel the program and with it, the benefits and extra safety it provides.

Benefits of the off-duty work program:

  • The program puts off-duty police on sites, like the Newport Mall, all across the City to provide security, paid for by the private sector, not taxpayers.

  • The youngest, most diverse group of young Jersey City police officers are being paid less than recruits in prior years. The off-duty jobs program helps our young officers afford to live in the City they protect every day.

The bottom line: Mayor Fulop has chosen to play politics time and time again, rather than working with our police officers to improve public safety.

Tell Mayor Fulop to stop playing politics and start working with our police officers.